Changzhou City Zhi rain hard Carbide Co., Ltd., set carbide production, development, sales and technical service as a whole. With advanced production technology, strong research and development team. We have a solid carbide saw blades, rods, tungsten steel mold blank production lines, stable quality, large-scale production, strong supply capacity to meet global customer needs. Main carbide circular saw blades, carbide processing special tools, stainless steel, special cutting tools, aluminum processing special tools, the overall alloy cutter, drill, v-cut blade, wheel knife, fiber cleaver, within cold drill and other advanced finishing tool. And offers; drawing die, cold heading die, mining alloy, serrated sheet, woodworking blade, disc cutter, carbide plates, carbide rod, carbide tooling, and special alloy, carbide powder. Company products are sold around the world, product quality by the majority of users praise, but also create a corps of sincerity, dedication, strong professional sales force. Established covering sales management, technical consulting, service, logistics, customer management and other functions of the computer management system, can be more professional, prompt services to meet customer demand. 

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